I’m a poet, writing instructor, beekeeper, business owner, and scholar of all things Buffyverse. I have continued to find new themes and character facets by surveying the series through multiple theoretical lenses (with a focus on the psychoanalytic theory) and studying character development, art direction, fight choreography, and color symbolism as they apply to individuals on the shows. 

Additionally, I have spent time considering Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Deadwood through various critical lenses. Other topics of interest and areas of study include: aesthetics of hunger, faith & spirituality, intersectional feminism, epigenetics, PTSD, memory and trauma, and sidereal astrology.

Special thanks to Becka H. for keeping the conversation going, and sharing her ongoing thoughts on queer theory and futurity as they apply to Angel.

Current series: Shetland, The Detectives, Westworld, Penny Dreadful, Masters of Sex, The Knick, GoT, Shameless, and others. British crime drama junkiiiiiiie.

1481 Hyperion Ave. (Hyperion Hotel) is the address of Angel Investigations as of season 2, of Angel. 

– Jill McKenna ReedIMG_20130317_194136-1 (2) (480x640)

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